AsyncAPI becomes the #1 API specification for defining and developing APIs. Any kind of APIs.

It all starts with a vision. This is where we want to see AsyncAPI by 2026. To make this vision a reality, we've set some goals below that will help us to get there.

These goals are not necessarily everything we'll have to do to get to that vision but instead, they are manageable objectives we can already anticipate. Together, vision and goals set the direction of the project.


AsyncAPI unifies all the API specifications

Nobody does only event-driven architectures. Most people complement them with REST (OpenAPI), GraphQL, and/or RPC APIs. We want people to use the AsyncAPI specification and tooling together with their existing OpenAPI, GraphQL, and gRPC definitions. For that purpose, our specification and tools will need to understand and leverage many other specifications and tools.

This is not about reinventing the wheel or creating yet another spec to solve the same problems but to integrate with the existing tools and specs instead.


API development experience is seamless

We want to make the development experience super seamless, from idea to production. Users should be able to create their first API within minutes without prior knowledge of AsyncAPI, the communication protocol, or anything else that's not business logic.

Furthermore, making sure production behavior and documentation are always aligned, independently of the programming language or framework of choice.


The AsyncAPI community grows 400%

We are aware that our goals are ambitious. None of the other goals are possible if we don't have a huge community supporting us. AsyncAPI is and must continue being a community-driven initiative. Now more than ever.

We need people to contribute code, ideas, docs, articles, presentations, and more. The sponsors base should also grow along with the community size and the donated money should serve to give back to the community.

We'll be regularly setting outcomes or key results that will allow us to accomplish the goals above. You can find a categorization of the outcomes in the roadmap below. They are split by priority and some of them show the related features.

Please bear in mind this is an outcome-based roadmap. We don't maintain a long-term release plan. If you want to find more specific and actionable items, head to the related repository issues or start an issue/discussion at


The outcomes we want to achieve


If you want to know more about the format of this roadmap, watch this recording from one of our SIG meetings:

Warning for Contributors

This roadmap reflects the priorities of the AsyncAPI Initiative. If you want to contribute a feature from the roadmap, feel free to let us know on the corresponding GitHub issue so we can discuss what's the best way to proceed and implement it yourself.