What is a TSC?

The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is responsible for the oversight of the AsyncAPI Initiative. Maintainers (aka committers) make decisions at the given repository/project level. The TSC helps to make decisions on a higher level, or when maintainers cannot find a consensus.

How can I become a TSC member?

Anybody can become a member of the TSC. All you have to do is become a maintainer of one of the AsyncAPI projects! To become a maintainer, you just need to regularly contribute to one of the projects and then other maintainers will invite you to join. You can also build a great AsyncAPI-based project that we don't have yet in our GitHub organization and donate it (we'll ask you to stay as a maintainer). Follow this Link to know more!

Our governance model

AsyncAPI Initiative runs under an Open Governance Model that gives power to the people actively involved and working on the project. No matter if you are an individual contributor or backed by a company, you have equal rights. Read this article to learn more.

Get notified when TSC is voting

You'll receive an email whenever someone requests the TSC to vote.

Current TSC members

(in alphabetical order)