AsyncAPI Meetings

All meetings are live streamed to all AsyncAPI social media accounts. To learn more about meetings setup and automation read our FAQ.

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Community Meeting

Purpose: This is a community meeting to regularly talk in open about important topics around AsyncAPI Initiative. We organize it every two weeks in different time zones.

Host: Lukasz Gornicki

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Spec 3.0 Meeting

Purpose: This is the meeting for community member involved in works related to 3.0 release of AsyncAPI Specification. We organize it every two weeks at the same time.

Host: Jonas Lagoni

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Thinking Out Loud

Purpose: This is a live stream about different topics related to AsyncAPI Initiative and Event Driven Architectures. It is always an open discussion between a host and a guest.

Host: Fran Mendez

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Let's talk about contributing

Purpose: This live stream focuses on contributors, focuses on people that want to contribute to AsyncAPI Initiative but do not know how to do it.

Host: Lukasz Gornicki

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Ad Hoc Meeting

Purpose: Do you want to discuss something with community and other meeting formats won't work? This is what this meeting is for, to schedule something specific with the community.

Host: Anyone from the list of hosts of other meetings.

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