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AsyncAPI Ambassador Contributions

AsyncAPI Ambassadors are passionate about APIs and AsyncAPI. They share their interest, expertise, and excitement within their communities to help others build better software.

  • Written content

    Written content

    Write guides, step-by-step tutorials, community documentation, AsyncAPI blog posts, and beyond.

  • Video content

    Video content

    Produce educational videos on YouTube and other platforms for AsyncAPI.

  • Live streams

    Live streams

    Moderate or host live streams that demo the AsyncAPI ecosystem.

  • Give talks

    Give talks

    Speak at meetups and conferences; we’ll help with slides, abstract submissions, and travel budget.

  • Interactive Learning

    Interactive Learning

    Gamify educational content and create interactive learning paths for teaching AsyncAPI and event-driven architectures.

  • Build real-life usecases example

    Build real-life usecases example

    Develop real-life usecase project example using the AsyncaAPI specification

  • AsyncAPI Contributions

    AsyncAPI Contributions

    Collaborate with the AsyncAPI community via diverse contributions and improvements.

  • Gather Use-Cases

    Gather Use-Cases

    Collect data from existing AsyncAPI users and create use-case studies.

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Alejandra Quetzalli
Alejandra Quetzalli
DevRel & DevDocs @AsyncAPI
Alejandra Quetzalli is the upcoming author (2023) of the book titled 'Designing Developer Documentation as a Product', which will be published by the Apress Publishing Company. Alejandra has been in tech for 9 years, working with SEO, Paid Search, Full-Stack development, UX, Developer Relations, and Technical Writing (Engineering Documentation). She's currently a core OSS contributor for Docs, DevRel, and Community Building at AsyncAPI Initiative. She's also a member of the AsyncAPI Technical Steering Committee (TSC).
Daniel Kocot
Daniel Kocot
Senior Solution Architect / Head of API Experience and Operations
Daniel has been part of the codecentric team since October 2016. Since the beginning of 2022 he works as Senior Solution Architect at the Dortmund branch. Starting as a consultant with a focus on application lifecycle management, his focus shifted more and more towards APIs. In addition to numerous customer projects and his involvement in the open source world around APIs, our Head of API Experience & Operations is also a frequent speaker at conferences.
Hugo Guerrero
Hugo Guerrero
Chief Software Architect @Red Hat
Hugo Guerrero is a developer advocate for APIs and Event-driven Architecture. He assists organizations in this role by creating, editing, and curating product content shared with the community through webinars, conferences, and other activities. He works on open source software with major private and federal public sector clients looking to connect and extend their system architecture. He has over 20 years of experience as a developer, consultant, architect, and software development manager.
Jesse Menning
Jesse Menning
Architect, Office of the CTO at Solace
Jesse Menning teams with companies and government agencies to design event-driven architecture and microservices at scale. To guide those discussions, I draw upon more than 15 years of integration architecture and implementation experience, particularly with IBM and Solace platforms. I've been involved with AsyncAPI since 2020, along with other open-source initiatives such as CloudEvents and OpenTelemetry.
Ludovic Dussart
Ludovic Dussart
Solutions Architect
Ludovic is an Ineat employee since 10 years. Starting as java developer, he is now Solutions Architect and work with his customers to build digital products, EDA oriented when possible. His first contributions on AsyncAPI was in 2020 around the kafka and avro specifications. Since this day, Ludovic talk about AsyncAPI in the North of France compagnies in order to speedup the initiative adoption.

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