AsyncAPI 2.0.0 important dates

Fran Méndez

·2 min read

Hey folks! After some time thinking about it, I've decided it's time to define some important dates for AsyncAPI 2.0.0. So here we go!

End of review period (July 1, 2019)

After some time, many people have reviewed the specification and they've identified some issues that need to be addressed before we launch the version 2.0.0. Actually, this process will never finish but we have to decide on a date to stop reviewing and move forward. This date is July 1. After this day, reviews are still welcome but they will not make into version 2.0.0, and will have to wait for the next version.

Beta testing program (July-September)

Right after we're clear on what's going to be the final version 2.0.0, we'll start working on improving all the tooling and make sure they support version 2.0.0 well. Tools are going to be open source as always so feel free to test them with your own use cases and let us know how it works! Either it sucks or it's amazing :)

I'll personally track some of these tests to make sure everything is smooth. If you want to participate in the Beta testing program, feel free to reach out to me on our Slack channel or send me an email to

Official announcement (Late September-Early October)

We'll announce the final version of AsyncAPI 2.0.0 during September-October timeframe. This doesn't mean you'll have to wait until then to use it. Remember everything is open source.

We're planning on announcing it in a great conference. Stay tuned!

Hope this helps clarify the roadmap a little bit. I'll update the exact dates here as we decide on them. Thanks for reading!

Until next time! 👋