AsyncAPI Initiative Status Update (week 43, 2020)

Lukasz Gornicki

·4 min read

AsyncAPI JavaScript Parser 1.0.0 Is Out

I’m very proud to share that we are finally there, release 1.0.0 is out in the wild.

One month passed since the last release candidate, and no one reported any blockers for our first major release.

AsyncAPI JavaScript Parser is an official library that validates AsyncAPI documents and returns a set of functions that make it much easier to access the document's contents. It works well both in the browser and in Node.js. We've been using it for very long in our React component to parse in the browser and in the AsyncAPI Generator to parse documents in the Node.js server and CLI.

Please join us in the celebration. We do it in a typical asynchronous way. Everyone celebrates whenever they can...

HTML Template Improvements

Hacktoberfest contributions brought many improvements and bug fixes. Two weeks ago, during the last status update, the HTML template version was 0.12.2, and now it is 0.15.0.

PDF Generation

The template supports now an additional parameter called pdf. You use it to get an additional PDF file generated, next to the index.html file. In the CLI, pass -p pdf=true to get it. Thank you Talmiz Ahmed.

Change Default Name of HTML File

The template now supports an additional parameter called outFilename. You use it to change the default index.html file to something different, like for example, asyncapi.html. In the CLI, pass -p outFilename=asyncapi.html to get it. Thank you Mitchell Sawatzky.

Display of Schema UID

Due to suggestions from different community members, we now display the UID of the schema. UID is displayed only if it is provided. An anonymous UID assigned by the AsyncAPI Parser to schemas without UID is not shown.

Notice how it is displayed in the below example, next to the first two mixedTypeArray property schemas.

Java Spring Template Improvements

Our great contributor Semen Tenischev came back and kicked off the work on the Java template. Most important is a new feature to support anyOf and oneOf. There are also bug fixes for enums generation and how schemas without UID are handled. The current version is 0.20.1.

Hacktoberfest Status

For us, the Hacktoberfest celebration has been a great success so far. The first day of the event started with two spam pull requests, but then...well, see for yourself:

  • We had 24 contributors
  • We merged 58 pull requests!

Only around 20 issues left on our list. Hurry up and become our star!

Generator Release Candidate 13

We released another release candidate with several security fixes. Important to notice in this RC is that we changed the way we build the docker image. Now it doesn’t contain the generator's sources but we install Generator CLI as a global application. This means the entrypoint is not “node ./cli.js” but “ag”, just like you would use it without Docker. Also, keep in mind that this release candidate now uses the official major release of the JavaScript Parser.

AsyncAPI Special Interest Group (SIG) open meeting

The last meeting took place on Tuesday, 13th of October, 4PM UTC. Meeting notes and recording are available here.

The next meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday, 27th of October 8AM UTC.

We work on the agenda for the next meeting here. At the moment, there is nothing on the agenda so you can easily sneak your topic in.

We host the meeting on Zoom. Do not forget about future meetings and always have up to date invitations in your calendar by adding your email to this mailing list.

Cover photo by SpaceX on Unsplash