AsyncAPI Community Update: April 2023

Thulisile Sibanda

·5 min read

April brought ecstatic news that AsyncAPI is participating in the 2023 Google Season of Docs (GSoD). This achievement is a result of the exceptional work done by Alejandra Quetzalli, our lead documentation engineer and author of Docs-as-Ecosystem: The Community Approach to Engineering. Alejandra's contributions to the documentation process have been vital in improving the quality of AsyncAPI documentation, and her hard work has not gone unnoticed. As part of the GSoD program, Ale carefully reviewed and selected the best applicants out of the 87 applications received, and she conducted live writing/editing interviews. We are excited to welcome the five selected candidates, Mahfuza, Bhaswati, Rohit, Abhishek, and Hridyesh! We can't wait to see them contribute to AsyncAPI's documentation with Ale's guidance and mentorship. Do check out Alejandra's Q1 AsyncAPI documentation report to learn more about our docs community's recent efforts.

AsyncAPI Bounty Program Trial

We are thrilled to introduce the trial launch of the AsyncAPI Bounty Program. This program aims to express our gratitude and support to our maintainers and contributors who dedicate their time and efforts to drive the initiative forward. As part of the trial, we have selected seven projects comprising various coding, design, and technical writing tasks. We invite you to explore the projects participating in the AsyncAPI Bounty Program trial run.

Code of Conduct Refresh

AsyncAPI has been growing exponentially, and to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all community members, we must refresh our Code of Conduct. Our goal is to thrive on ensuring the community remains welcoming, respectful, and supportive. Please share your thoughts and suggestions in this open discussion for our Code of Conduct refresh.

Call for Speakers Madrid

AsyncAPI Conf on Tour 2023 (AACoT) is coming to Madrid on the 18th - 19th of October. The Call for Speakers of AACoT Madrid Edition is now open, and we are looking for diverse talk topics ranging from community, API design, and best practices. We welcome both first-time and returning speakers to submit their proposals. We can't wait to see you there!

Spec x Tooling

We are excited to announce the release of the new Parser-API v1.0.0. The API follows an intent-driven design approach that prioritizes the user's purpose over technical mechanics. To learn more about the functionalities, please refer to this detailed AsyncAPI article about intent-driven APIs.

There won't be any spec v2.7 release as the April release window was not used. We haven't pushed any specific features and are still looking for a release coordinator. If you are interested, please indicate in the #spec channel on Slack. We are hands-on in completing Spec v3.0; hopefully, this will be done in June. You can follow all Spec v3.0 updates on this issue.

AsyncAPI Mentorship Program

The AsyncAPI Mentorship Program Cohort 2 is now ready for kickoff. This year we are excited to accept code-related projects and expand to technical writing and design. Whether you are interested in participating or have project ideas, we encourage you to engage in the AsyncAPI Mentorship Program discussions.

Ambassador Program

Are you passionate about the work of the AsyncAPI community and interested in becoming part of it? Look no further; you are invited to join the Ambassador Program, which is designed to foster partnership, community engagement, and development. As long as you meet the minimum requirements, everyone is welcome to join. To learn more about the program, please refer to this AsyncAPI Ambassador Program article or watch this AsyncAPI Ambassador Program stream.

Women in Open Source

Barbaño Gonzalez, Lead Education Program Manager and Ambassador Program Lead, is currently working on an article highlighting women's contributions to the open-source community. Through her research, she's exploring various case studies to gain deeper insights into the number of women involved in the field, where they're located, and the specific work they do. Barbaño aims to increase community visibility of women in open source and showcase their valuable impact in the industry. Do you have recommendations on communities that should be included in the case study? Please do reach out to Barbaño.

New TSC Member

Please help us welcome our newest AsyncAPI TSC member, Heiko Henning. We are excited to have you!

Coming in May

We have some exciting things planned for May, such as:

  • Parser-JS v2 - We eagerly anticipate the release of the main implementation of the Parser API, the Parser-JS v2. You can follow the process on Parser-JS v2 GitHub issue and join the conversation in the #tooling channel on Slack.
  • AsyncAPI Podcast - Did you know that AsyncAPI has a podcast? If you didn't, now you know! The best part? We are dropping an episode in May. Get to know the community builders and the work they do. Be sure to subscribe to the AsyncAPI Podcast.
  • AsyncAPI Community Updates Newsletter - We will drop the next issue in the first week of May. Be sure to subscribe to the AsyncAPI Newsletter if you like to stay on top of the latest activities happening across the community.

Till next time, keep your head held high. You got this!